Having a scooter allows me to actually attend an event that I would not have been able to attend comfortably and would have opted not to attend without the help of a mobility scooter. The availability of a scooter rental allowed me to go to the events I wanted to go to and stay longer and enjoy all the benefits at the events. I have limited range of mobility and I'm not able to stand for long periods of time or walk long distance over 50 feet without help due to my leg issues. The scooter becomes a quality of life asset. I could also travel safely around the neighborhood that if healthy I would walk thru. However instead of being stuck at home I was able travel around the neighborhood and enjoy the warm sunny days. It even allowed me to take both of our dogs for their walks as well. Also my trips to grocery stores and malls are made much easier and comfortable. Thank you for your great service and best of luck in growing your business.

My Revo 2.0 is so rugged! Yet it comes apart easily. And I love the underseat storage.

This Chair has given me the freedom to travel again. It’s so compact, I can take it on an airplane.

With my Jazzy Air, I can elevate up to 10” to reach the stove, the sink and even the kitchen cabinets!

A motorized scooter makes a huge difference in allowing me to go anywhere.